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Client Testimonials

“Airetel does an outstanding job making sure they understand exactly what our business needs are before starting to work our requirements. I have been very pleased with the support provided by this team.”
Sheri T.

“I have very much enjoyed working with Airetel. They have been extremely responsive, submitted great candidates and have done a great job of weeding out folks who may not be the right culture or professional fit..”
– Tyler L.

“Airetel always goes above and beyond to ensure we are getting exceptional service. They are always accessible and keep continual communication so that I know where we stand in the process with candidates. They understand the importance of bringing the right candidate to our company. They also have a great attitude and take pride in the work they are doing for us. Definitely more a partnership than just a client relationship.”
– Travis S.

“Airetel has provided candidates with exactly the qualifications I require. Some agencies try to “sell” me a candidate who does not have the specific software skills or industry experience required – Airetel has not.”
– Mark J.

“As the hiring manager, I have had good success with Airetel. They consistently provide strong candidates that fit our needs.”
– Kevin V.

“Excellent Service with the best effort possible”
– David F.

“Airetel spends the time necessary to really understand what I am looking for in a candidate. Our culture is unique and finding candidates that are right for us can be challenging. What I appreciate about Airetel is that they do a great job communicating and then finding the right candidate or maybe more importantly doesn’t just ship a bunch of resumes my way to see what if anything sticks.”
– Mike Z.

“Working with Airetel made our staffing needs incredibly smooth and easy. The communication between our organization and Airetel went beyond expectations. They truly care about the candidates they are bringing into our organization and have made repeated check-ins with new hires they had submitted.”
– Amanda R.

“The talent acquisition professionals at Airetel Staffing have a strong knowledge and insight into Information Technology needs, requirements and culture. These competencies are key to finding the right professional talent.”
– Chris K.

“Airetel provided qualified candidates in a timely fashion and answered all questions I have throughout the process. They keep me informed on a daily basis of candidate status’s and was always reachable when I had questions.”
– Russ W.

“Ultimate Customer Service.”
– Jarvis W.

“Airetel has sent us some great candidates for hard to fill positions. They have been very flexible, responsive, and great to work with. They have listened to the needs of our team and responded with providing strong candidates to fill those needs. Their help has been much appreciated!”
– Annie S.

“Our positive experiences with this firm. Candidates’ resumes are submitted timely, with a good description of the candidate’s background, salary expectations and skillset as they relate to the vacancy within our organization.”
– Maria B.

“Airetel has been amazing to work with. Going through our mass hiring phase, they provided us with multiple candidates. They truly care for our company as a client and it is obvious their team works hard for us and the candidates.”
– Amanda R.

“Airetel has always been a great company to partner with. The staff has always been very professional and can always find the right candidates to fit our needs. They are always willing to go above and beyond to find the right candidate. We value our relationship with Airetel.”
– Lisa M.

“Airetel provides the candidates that have experience in our business, which minimizes the effort that we will have to spend in evaluating the candidates.”
– Ravi T.

“Airetel has provided me with a couple of candidates that became quality employees. Airetel always provides quality, timely support.”
– Bruce V.

“Very efficient and easy to work with. Have had very reliable and qualified candidates that they sent to us. Very accommodating in every way.”
Cindy W.

“Airetel has been great to work with. Their approach to growing the business is aggressive, yet very respectful and partner-like.”
– Matt M.

“A good job of screening for my requirements.”
– Dave R.

“Besides being very professional in their job, supplying the right people for the job , Airetel is very personable also. A couple of years ago when I was talking with them pretty much on a weekly basis, my Mother was going through a tough time. She had to have cancer surgery. They called one day just to see how she was doing. The fact that they took the time to call and ask about her made a big impression on me. It’s not often that people you deal with professionally, outside of your immediate co-workers, will do something like that. They are the first staffing agency I contact when additional resources are required for a project.”
– Debbie F.

“Airtel has been extremely fair and professional to deal with while providing qualified candidates with reasonable rates.”
– Paul G.

“Service and Performance.”
– Bill B.

“Working with Airetel is a pleasure.”
– Mary E.

“The staff at Airetel does an incredible job placing people with companies. They are personable, and take the time to care about the people they place. This, combined with excellent communication and friendly manners, is what makes Airetel wonderful.”
– Kristina P.

“Airetel has gone above and beyond in meeting our staffing needs. They have always been proactive, asking in advance for upcoming staffing needs, and have always provided quality candidates. We have been very pleased with Airetel’s performance for us.”
– Larry H.

“Airetel has done a very good job of selecting candidates for us to consider, especially over the last year plus. It appears that you have a pretty good handle on what we need and/or expect. Airetel has been very helpful, understanding and pleasant to work with.”
– Tiffany D.

“Airetel listens to us and tries to find the right fit for our staffing needs. They listen to our needs, tries to find the right fit, communicates professionally and honestly.”
– Debbie L.

“Worked very hard on finding the right person for us.”
– Becky R.

“I have enjoyed both meeting and working with the Recruiters at Airetel, as well as, thought well of the candidates/resumes they have sent over for consideration.”
– Daniel M.

“Responsive and on top of their game as it pertains to communications and compliance. Customer service and solutions oriented. Partners well, PERFORMS and never let me down.”
– Adele M.

“Good quality candidates. Follow up by Airetel staff for feedback is timely but not excessive.”
– Tony P.

“The recruiters at Airetel know the market. They know what questions to ask the client to ensure they deliver candidates with the right qualifications – and they do it quickly!”
– Valerie G.

“Airetel has been a great partner in helping us find qualified candidates. They do a great job with follow up on candidates and communicates well with me and my hiring managers.
– Tommy M.

“Outstanding service. Very professional and pleasant to work with.”
– Donna C.

“Airetel has been a tremendous partner and has put together a top-notch team.”
– Andy N.

“Airetel does an exceptional job.”
– Chris C.

“We have had a good track record with Airetel providing quality people.”
– Monty B.

“Airetel submits quality candidates and consistently meet SLA standards.”
– Pamela D.

“Flexibility and focus on the right approach and the right person for our team.”
– Ryan H.

“Airetel is enthusiastic about finding us the right candidates.”
– Adrienne B.

“Airetel is great to work with.”
Kimber S.

“Great, professional people to work with. Very competent onboarding process and subsequent help and support.”
– Leo K.

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